Green Pearl Necklaces

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  • Green Mixed Keshi Pearl Two Strand Necklace
    Lovely variations of green colour pearls blend together perfectly to create this fresh and vibrant two strand necklace. I've used a mix of light green keshi pearls as well as an olive green round pearl (5mm) and a bottle green baroque pearl (7mm) to ..
  • Fluorite & Mixed Pearl Necklace
    Rainbow fluorite is a delightful semi-precious gemstone and it combines beautifully with this mix of freshwater pearls. I've used white, green and purple pearls to tone with the gentle green and purple hues of the fluorite - a gorgeous necklace ..
  • Teal Pearl & Palm Leaf Drop Necklace
    Refreshing teal coloured oval pearls (6mm) have a beautiful rich tone and have been made up with a small glass bead interspersing them in this front fastening style necklace. From the sterling silver toggle clasp I have added a sterling silver palm l..
  • Green and Gold Keshi Mix Necklace
    Green, gold and bronze irregular keshi pearls gives this necklace a lovely texture and easy to wear appeal.  I've used a gold-fil clasp to tone with these colours. Matching bracelet and earrings are also ava..
  • Green Lariat on Leather
    A mix of green freshwater pearls, peridot and green glass beads have been used to create the clusters which fall from the knots on this black leather green lariat. The two ends of the lariat can be looped over each other and tied high or low to su..
  • Teal Pearl & Chrysocolla Necklace
    Gorgeous oval shaped azurite chrysocolla semi-precious beads and oval teal pearls have been linked with sterling silver wire to create this beautiful necklace that is very easy to wear for any occasion. The green/blue natural colours of the chys..
  • Green Pearl & Goldfil Spiral Tube Necklace
    These beautiful olive green pearls have a golden warmth about them that tones really well with the goldfil spiral tubes.  The oval shape pearls measure 7-8mm and the sprial tubes are 1.7mm long. It's a lovely 'light' looking necklace t..
  • Teal Green Keshi Pearl Necklace
    These are really gorgeous teal/green coloured keshi pearls (6-7mm). The irregular shape of these pearls combined with the rich colour make this a very special necklace.  Lovely as a single strand on their own but even more delicious as a do..
  • Green Mixed Pearl Necklace
    A very pretty mix of lime green pearls with a small olive green pearl to tone. The different pearl shapes make this delicate necklace really interesting. The lime green pearls are 5mm rice shape and a 3mm round pearl along with a 4mm rice shape olive..
  • Green Pearls & Cluster Drop
    Small lime green pearls (3mm) have been used to make this necklace which has a gorgeous mix of other green pearls and peridot chips to create the cluster drop. They blend together beautifully. This is a great necklace to wear on any occasion - dresse..
  • Teal Pearl & Toggle Drop Necklace
    Teal coloured pearls (6mm) have a beautiful rich tone and have been interspersed with small glass beads to make up this necklace. A single rock crystal nugget and pearls drop from the sterling silver toggle clasp at the front of the necklac..