Care for your pearls

Below are some useful tips for caring for your pearls to ensure they maintain their lustre and quality. As they are an organic substance, your pearls will need a little looking after.

Wear pearls as often as you can as natural body oil enhances them

Minimise contact with perfume, make-up and perspiration. Apply hairspray, perfume and make-up before putting on your pearls.

Wipe pearls regularly using the Pearl Care Kit and Polishing Cloth below. Alternatively clean pearls frequently with a soft damp cloth to remove body oils. 

Keep pearls protected in a soft material, such as silk, satin or velvet.

Do not let your pearls rub against hard objects, such as diamonds or gold.

Don't let your pearls come into contact with caustic soda or cleaning agents

Avoid very dry or extreme heat conditions.

Do not wear your pearls in a swimming pool, the sea, or in the bath or shower.





Care for your pearls
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