Jewellery Length Guide


As I personally make all the jewellery on this site I can make necklaces any length you wish.The necklace length you order depends on various factors such as your size and what type of neck you have as well as the size of the pearls! For a standard necklace design with a 'trigger' clasp at the back I always add an extension chain to give length options. 

This is only a guide to help you choose. For further clarification please call me on 07779 020175

 Choker (14-16") (35.5-40.5cm)

A 14-16" (35.5-40.5cm) necklace falls perfectly around the base of the neck. A simple choker necklace can go well with any outfit and just about any neckline. Usually recommended if the recipient is a UK Size 8-12 with a 'slim' neck. 

Princess (17-19") (43-48.3cm)

18" (45cm) is perhaps the most common necklace length. It falls beautifully just below the throat and hangs over collarbones. 17-19" (43-48.3cm) Princess length necklace usually fits comfortably if the recipient is a UK size 12-16 or your neck is larger. 

Matinee (20-24") (50-60cm)

A 20-24" (50-60cm) matinee necklace falls gorgeously on the chest. A matinee necklace is longer than the princess necklace and slightly shorter than an opera length. If the recipient is a UK size 18+ this is a comfortable length. 

Opera (28-34") (71.2 -86.3cm) 

Opera necklaces range from 28-34" (71.2 -86.3cm) . They can be worn as a single long strand, knotted or wrapped twice as a double strand (34”) (86.3cm) if used with a shortner (see the Accessories section for Shortners)  

Lariat or Rope (over 45") (114.2cm)

This is the perfect length to transform a single necklace into a multi-strand necklace or bracelet. The versatile rope necklace is a must-have accessory. 


My bracelets can be made in any size but again, the bracelet length you order will depend on your size and the size of the pearls you are ordering. A small extension is always added to bracelets where the clasp allows, alternatively please measure your actual wrist size and add half an inch. 

This is a guide only to help you choose. For further clarification please call me on 07779 020175 

6" or 15.25cm  Slim wrist - UK dress size 6-8 

6.5” or 16.5cm   Average wrist - UK dress size 10-12 

7" or 17.7cm  Average wrist - UK dress size 12-14 

7.5" or 19cm  Slightly larger than average - UK dress size 14-16 

8"+ 20.3cm   Larger size UK dress size 18+ 


Any length of necklace can be made and I always add an extension chain or extra rings to allow for 'growing room'. This is a guide only. For further clarification please call me on 07779 020175 

1-5 years 12" or 30.5cm

5-9 years 14" or 35.5cm 

10+years 15" or 38cm

Typically children's bracelet sizes are as follows, but to be certain, please measure the wrist and add 1/2 inch. 

For further clarification please call me on 07779 020175 

6-24 Months 5" or 12.7cm

2-6/8 Years Toddler 5.5" or 14cm

8-14 Years 6"  or 15.25cm

14 and up 6.5"  or 16.5cm