Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Pendant Necklace

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A gorgeous sparkly necklace - perfect to add some glitz to your outfit for any occasion. 

Pearls and swarovski crystals make up the base of this necklace with a beautiful swarovski crystal pendant stealing the show dropping from the sterling silver toggle clasp at the front - it's a great addition to anyone's jewellery collection. 

Swarovski ab (Aurora Borealis) crystals are very dazzling and they throw off all sorts of rainbow colours, rather like a shining diamond! I've used 2 swarovski bicone ab crystals (4mm) mixed with a small oval pearl (5mm) to create this lovely necklace and the 28mm pear shape pendant hanging from a sterling silver bail makes the complete drop about 1.5" (4cm) from the clasp.

Contact me if you would like this necklace made up with any other colour crystal from the swarovski range or if you'd rather have the necklace without the pendant - anything is possible!