White Edison Pearl Necklace

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Stunning white edison pearls make a beautiful statement necklace. These gorgeous almost round shape pearls are a lovely creamy colour and have an amazing iridescence and lustre. They are slightly graduated to make them even more special.  

The pearls vary in size from 10mm at the back to 14mm at the front and because they are so special I've knotted between each one.

I've finished this necklace with a sterling silver toggle clasp but other options are available in the drop down box on the right.  

Freshwater Edison pearls have been grown to look like an Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearls but at nothing like the price. A round bead has been inserted into the mussel using saltwater pearl techniques rather than the traditional freshwater pearl method. By using a bead, Edison pearls produce wonderfully large near-round shapes.