Gold Pearl & Sardonyx Necklace

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Deliciously rich sardonyx beads tone beautifully with gold baroque shape pearls making this a great size necklace for any occasion dressed up or down. 

The 10mm sardonyx beads have a range of colours in them from reddish-brown to oranges. The word sardonyx is derived from the Greek, sard meaning “reddish brown,” and onyx meaning “veined gem.” The gold pearls (9-10mm) have a lovely lustre which is enhanced by the fact that they have their hole drilled from side to side as opposed to top to bottom which ensures their flat-sided shape catches the light beautifully. I have also added a small gold glass bead to separate and set off the pearls and sardonyx beads.

I have used a goldfil clasp to complement the bronze pearls but a sterling silver clasp can be requested - just ask Matching bracelet and earrings are also available on request.